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What is the PRATCH© Training Program, and what can you use it for?

PRATCH© is a Strategic Thinking Program which is meant to be used by the top-level decision-makers of the organization, responsible for setting the medium and long term company plan, in context with their values ​​and beliefs, and their sustainable interests (Mission), designing a plausible path and a sustainable and viable Business Conduction Policy. Taking everything into account, we guide, direct and maintain an adequate and permanent control of your company ideal Technostructure-Strategy-Culture.

In times where technology tends to make even and eliminate the competitive advantages, the
difference, as it has always been, will be provided by the Human Resources quality, which will:

1. Tune and lead organizational / institutional / corporate development processes, in continuous changes circumstances and normally: critical.

2. Analyze and execute processes of joint venture, acquisition, company succession plans.

3. Manage and operate tactically an effective plan implementation.

What this program is based on?

The knowledge and methodologies on which the PRATCH© Program is based on are the following:

• Strategic Thinking, (Top Management Strategy: What it is and how to make it work, Kepner-Tregoe, New York, USA 1980).

• Modepec©, Pedro Tolón Estarelles, Jorge Sagula, 2005.

Experience and background effective implementation of this program

Internationally, it was implemented in election campaigns (Council of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia / 1.2000.000 inhabitants) and training politicians on Government Management (Vice Ministry of Social Defense, La Paz, 2002 -2004)

In Argentina, it has been implemented in many companies / institutions in the last 10 years (details available)

What would be a viable way to implement PRATCH© in Companies or Institutions?

For each company or institution the program consists of:

1. Brief Activity (Gap Analysis), 1 day

2. Adjustment Activity, 1 day

3. Top and potential decision makers Activity, 36 hours session (2 nights, 3 days).

4. Feedback Activity, diagnosis, sustainable contract (Purpose), and Preplan (Objectives, Goals, Actions), 1 day.

5. External guidance for the effective implementation of the Strategic Plan (optional)

Attendance per each program:

18 people (shareholders, directors and / or outstanding managers).

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