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Provide to your organization with context acknowledgement, and show you the path you should walk to improve.

• Situation and Context Analysis,
• Strategic Thinking,
• Scenario Analysis,
• Situation and Context Analysis: PSDM© Methodology.

We ensure the concern inventory in the organizational context, sorting out priorities, and also we ensure the definition of the right type of process (Cause Analysis, Decision Analysis, and Potential Problem Analysis).

Thinking and Acting Strategically

In short, Thinking and Acting Strategically is about determining where we should go, to decide afterwards, what would be the best way to get there.

Many people talk about strategy, but not many know what they are talking about exactly. Strategy is, in a few words, an intended behaviour. This is regarding you, the market, people, technology... it seems simple. But it is not.

Our contribution on this matter is to have developed the Strategic Formulation as a model, an operational guide to align the organization with its context, its culture, its techno-structure and other matters which are needed to work, and also to develop strategy in a serious, simple and controllable way.

In that sense, both the development of a first strategy and also the review of the existing strategy, our work together is to formulate a new strategy and train those who are going to keep working in the future.

Strategic Reflection: PRATCH© Methodology

It is a company management counselling and support service, after or simultaneously with the processes, procedures, operating systems and/or specific technology implementation which, inevitably, will modify the culture and will impact on the organization. This is mainly useful for those companies that do not know exactly where they are going and where they should go, or for those companies that want to review these aspects.

Today there is no company that can ignore macro-change processes, which intensity, speed, and depth were unknown in the past. This reality has been installed in society affecting - increasingly - the business lifespan:

• Diversified and aggressive competition,
• New technologies,
• Quality requirements,
• Changes in market needs,
• Potential new markets,
• New approach to global economic,
• New profitable opportunities,
• New ways and demands when it comes to work relationships, etc..,

However, they are all acting as threats and opportunities in the present and conditioning the future.

- In this context, companies can react against changes when they show up, getting ready in the present to respond to adverse and positive situations in the future, which is neither simple nor economical. In simple words, we can say that is like buying an umbrella for rain which is nature and intensity is not clear.

- Another alternative to the board of directors would take the decision of designing their own future today, leading strategic change needed to achieve an envisioned and achievable future within the inevitable macro-change. In other words, this is like enclosing in a viable simulation your company's most likely probable future.

- Another example could be the need of having a shareholders succession plan, potential joint ventures with other companies looking for capital, technology and management, or withdraw from business.

In any case, the company managers should do something to avoid awaiting the arrival of bridges to go across.

Our first commercial proposal is to help out with your strategic decision making and - optionally - to assist you in the realisation of it.

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